Beautiful Wall Street II pens are crafted from only the most beautiful and exotic woods. Each pen is uniquely crafted and a one of a kind gift. All pens have a lustrous and durable finish. This is a perfect gift. The sleek, smooth and refined lines of this pen and the distinct feel in your hand are sure to make it a winner. Each pen is made to order and no pen is exactly like any other pen, even if made from the same tree or block of wood. Each pen is made at the time of order and quality checked just prior to shipping, therefore we do not accept returns or refunds for NON-defective items. As they are not made until ordered, please allow 3-14 days for manufacturing this pen. It will ship just as soon as possible. Ink refills are checked and work at time of shipping, therefore we do not accept ink as a defect.We can create that special pen or pencil in an acrylic color of your choice.Want it customized for that special person? We can customize your pen to make it unique with custom images or names. Available in a variety of woods. Please see our other listings for a sample of each wood.

Due to our commitment to quality and value, we make sure customers get unmatched service. Our customized pens come with smooth and reliable delivery. All pens are packed in boxes to avoid any damage during delivery. 

Wall Street II Twist Ballpoint Pens-Choice of 7 finishes w/ variety of woods-(3)

Wood Types
  • This pen is uniquely handmade for you and because of the uniqueness of every wood (even from the same tree!) your pen treasure is assured to be as unique as you are.





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