This completely original and irresistibly fun Bolt Action pen will be hard for any hunting or target-shooting enthusiast to put down. Every detail, from the one of a kind bolt action mechanism to the precision engineered components, was carefully designed to ensure uniqueness and reliability. The realistic bolt-action handle smoothly advances and retracts to securely lock the refill in place. Includes a bolt action rifle clip and a replica 30 caliber cartridge and rose gold bullet tip for added authenticity. 

Want it customized for that special person? We can customize your pen to make it unique with custom images or names.


Customized, Handmade Bolt Action Pens for Sale

Struggling to find a present for a veteran, a hunter or a gun enthusiast in your family?  Look no further. Ensuring exceptional precision, reliability and performance, a bolt action pen is a unforgettable present for a loved one. If you are looking for engraved bolt action pens online, we have got you covered!

JRL Wood Creations offers handcrafted bolt action pens for sale online. Available at an incredibly reasonable price, these pens are a must-buy item. We give you the option to have your or someone else’s name, initials or date or birth engraved on the pen.

Bolt Action Pen - Collection 1

Wood Types
  • This pen is uniquely handmade for you and because of the uniqueness of every wood (even from the same tree!) your pen treasure is assured to be as unique as you are.





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