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Picking the Perfect Gift Pen: What to Look For

Pens make great presents that signify thoughtfulness and sophistication. While the days of putting pen to paper may be numbered, thanks to the digitization, pens hold an exquisite charm and are well-loved by most people.

With so many types of pens in the market, it can get tricky to pick a quality pen; especially if it is to be given as a present.

We’ve got you covered. JRL hosts a fine collection of superior-quality pens made using exotic wood and master craftsmen.

While you browse our collection, here are some of the factors to take in to account before making your final selection:


Just like you try on clothes before buying, try writing with the pen in your hand. Focus on the feel of the pen in your hands and notice the flexibility it affords your hand while you write. Give a slight tug to the pocket clip on the cap. It should be straight and strong. You wouldn’t want to buy an ill-designed pen and give your receiver the gift of strained fingers. Therefore, try before you buy and if the pen glides smoothly across the surface of the paper, make the purchase.


Scrutinize your pen carefully to check for any inconsistencies in design and make. The patterns on the cap and barrel must align, all edges should be rounded and polished and finally the finish—whether matte or gloss should be consistent. Some of the most popular pen finishes include celluloid, metals, resins, wood, etc.

Depending on your receiver’s taste, determine the type of pen they’d want—plastic, wooden, metal or a combination? All of these finishes come with different price points so keep your budget in mind before you buy.


If you’re buying a fountain pen, check if it has steel or gold nib. While steel works fine, it is recommended to buy one with a golden nib as it adds to the elegance of the gift and renders the pen a regal look.

Run the nib of the pen on paper to test the smoothness of the nib. A good quality nib will not make a scratching or dragging sound. While the nib will be ink-less, doing this will give you an idea of the quality and durability of the pen.

If you are looking for exquisite mid-range pens that are handcrafted to perfection, head over to our website to buy today. Our collection includes sophisticated Cigar, Princeton, Slimline Pens and European style pens.

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