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Classic Father’s Day Gifts – JRL Wood Creations Edition

With Father’s Day just around the corner, this just might be the best time for you to do something great for your old man. Having depended on him for his wisdom, some pocket money and a whole lot of dad jokes, you know your dad deserves more than just a wish on Father’s Day!

So to help you in giving him the best gift possible, we decided to list the very best products that we carry on JRL Wood Creations!

Why a Pen Though?

We all know that dads are hard to shop for. They have everything they already want, so any electronics, clothing or such are totally out of the question. But this is why a pen is such a perfect gift for them. A special quality handcrafted pen, designed to suit their grip and gifted to them on Father’s Day, would hold more sentimental value for them.

Selection of Pens from JRL Wood Creations

Bolt Action Pen

This pen is as unique as they come. Smooth in design, the pen is engineered with distinct bolt action mechanism that securely locks the refills inside. Using a bolt action rifle clip, this pen includes a replica of a 30-caliber cartridge, and has a rose gold bullet tip for smooth writing. Easily customizable and available in a multitude of wood hues, this pen is a definite purchase for those dads who like to a certain element of masculinity and ruggedness in all their possessions.

Navigator Fountain Pen

Elegant on all counts, the Navigator Fountain Pen takes a classic design and gives it some sharp finesse. The six-faceted nib gold holder reflects light to give off this certain look of changing shades. Complemented by a single black line that runs down the center ring, the pen gives the illusion of looking quite slim. Ideal for professionals who need an easy-to-use but quality pen, such as doctors, bankers and entrepreneurs, the Navigator Fountain Pen offers a smooth writing experience!

Cigar Pen

Taking its inspiration from the classic cigar, the Cigar Pen from JRL Wood Creations is large but comfortable to use. Designed with a double twist mechanism, this customizable, handcrafted pen is made with high quality wood to ensure performance and value. Available in various colors, the cigar pen is given a smooth finish so the color comes off as more vibrant. If your dad’s an old fashioned businessman who just likes things to be simple but valuable, then you definitely need to gift him this.

European Style Pen

This one is a true treasure! Available in different color combinations including silver, black/gold, gold, gun metal and more, this pen made from authentic wood is styled to deliver exceptional comfort and balance. Perfect for those who are more prone to writing everything down, the European Style Pen not only assures performance and delivery but also beauty. The pen is also customizable, so you can even have your dad’s name or initials monogrammed on it to make this handy pen more personal.

Shop at JRL Wood Creations!

Father’s Day is on June 17th. You don’t have time to lose!

Order a customizable wood pen from us today and give your dad a unique gift they’ll surely love!

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