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Adding a Personal Touch—Customizing Corporate Pens as Gifts

There’s no doubt that ours is the digital age. We’re surrounded by screens at work, at home and even in public places. With every passing day, the practice of writing with a pen on paper is becoming obsolete.

Does that mean pens are going out of fashion? Absolutely not! While the buying volume is down, the value of the pen market has only gone up in recent years. In fact, pen sales have been compared with that of vinyl records. It’s a thing of the past but it’s still relevant today somehow.

While written documents left the workplace a long time ago, pens are still used for signatures on official documents. This has allowed for pens to occupy a place of reverence in the workplace. It’s no longer just a writing tool; it’s a status symbol.

It also makes for a great corporate gift. Fashion icons like Louis Vuitton and Hermès are putting out entire desk product lines including corporate pens. However, there’s a debate raging whether corporate pens should be customized or not. Here’s our take on this debate:

It Adds A Layer of Sophistication

Customization of pens, when done right, can be very classy and sophisticated. Pulling out a customized pen at a meeting can leave a lasting impression. Customized pens signify your air of authority. It communicates a sense of confidence and preparedness.

If you’re gifting a corporate pen, a simple engraving of the recipient’s initials, name, or designation adds a personal touch and a sense of mutual respect.

It’s not all about gifting the most expensive pen on the market; a little customization can make the gift one of a kind.

Boosts Morale

You can gift customized pens to your employees and coworkers on holidays or birthdays. However, if you gift it for their good performance, it communicates a sense of appreciation and respect.

It also boosts team morale and inspires other employees to strive towards it as well.

Good Marketing

Gifting out company customized pens at events is a great and subtle way of marketing. It’s a sign of a respectable organization and increases brand awareness.

It ensures your company name lingers on after a networking event has concluded and the attendees use your company customized pen later.

Unique and Timeless

Customized corporate pens can be unique and timeless. They can serve as reminders of a time well spent at an organization or of a unique bond shared with a co-worker or employee.

A gift such as this becomes even more precious when the pen is unique and classy in itself. Pens made of metal are common but if you gift someone a customized and handcrafted wood pen, it’s considered to be one of a kind.

At JRLWoodCreations, we offer an exquisite collection of handcrafted wood items that can be customized and engraved as per your liking.

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