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A Short Guide to Selecting, Buying and Gifting a Pen

Updated: May 29, 2018

When it comes to choosing a pen as a gift for someone, you don’t just go along with the first item on the Gifts page that catches your eye. You think ahead, choose a color, a function and a style then have it gift-wrapped. You make sure it’s perfect.

Guide on Gifting a Pen

There are some important factors you need to decide on before choosing a pen as a gift. We’ll help you on each choice.

Buying for a Woman or a Man?

Men usually prefer a pen with a thicker pen barrel because they have a larger grip. A chunkier pen would give a solid feeling, and would offer more control when writing. Women prefer to have a lighter, slimline pen, so they can easily use it and even carry it in their purse or handbag.

The Giftee’s Age

A lot of older recipients – parents, retirees – prefer to have chunkier pens because it’s a good ergonomic choice for them. However, if they suffer from any condition such as arthritis, a lightweight pen would be a better option. If the pen is for a child (for graduation), consider buying a sleeker, slimmer design so there’s not too much strain on their hand muscles when writing.

The Giftee’s Occupation

Of course, if you’re gifting someone a pen, you have to make sure they actually use it. It’s the best choice for a gift if someone works in a corporate environment.

Jobs that require documents (i.e. a doctor, manager, director and lawyer) would require a fountain pen; it gives the signer a certain aura of authority. If the recipient is a teacher or a student though, a ball point pen would work just fine.

Sense of Style

The pen needs to match the person’s personal style. Always choose a pen that complements their taste in fashion. Otherwise the pen will stay in the gift box for all time.

Occasion for a Gift

Pens are a great choice for many occasions. Retirements, weddings, birthdays, graduation – any significant event that marks a change in a person’s life warrants a unique gift.

Buying a Pen for Your Loved One

As a leading company for custom handcrafted pens, we offer a beautiful collection that is sure to appeal your giftee’s taste. Search for the best option, and order a handcrafted pen so your loved one can have a present that’s truly from the heart!

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