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6 Reasons To Gift Someone A Fountain Pen

Gift-giving is an art; it requires attention to detail and compassion for others. A gift is a reflection of your emotions; it lets you communicate without even uttering a word. A gift doesn’t need to be expensive or out-of-this-world; it just needs to be a thoughtful.

Fountain pens are elegant and classy gift options. Here are some reasons why you need to gift someone a fountain pen.

Everyone needs at least one!

In this text-savvy age, chances of not owning a fountain pen are really high. For a person who has typed his entire life, a fountain pen will be a great way to explore new horizons. Moreover, if you are buying a gift for a young-one, fountain pen might act as a historic-antique item that needs to be introduced to the new generation.

Take the responsibility of introducing this marvelous invention to your niece, nephew, or, friend’s kids.

A writer’s gift

Fountain pens produce beautifully written pieces. If you know someone who has a way with words and drafts excellent poetry or stories, it calls for a scholarly gift.

Fountain pen provides a new and improved writing experience; if you want to awaken a writer or enhance a writer’s potential, fountain pen is your best option.


Letter writing is a dying art. If you and your friends are the classic-type of old souls, revive letter writing by gifting your friend a fountain pen. Maintain your long-distance relationships with long hand-written letters.

Explore different hand writing styles

Hand writing reflects your personality to a certain level. If your writing is a mixture of broken and squiggly lines, gift yourself a fountain pen. They provide a great way to practice cursive writing style and even practice calligraphy. Buy some ink, paper and pen and get to work.  

A journal keeper

If you know someone who keeps a journal, a pen would be the perfect gift for them. It will act as a reminder that you support their hobby.

A memorable item

Fountain pen can be refilled, to be used over and over again. So, if you want to leave behind a legacy or start an heirloom tradition, a fountain pen is a great item to begin with. You can make your choice of pen, whether it’s a European style pen or Accord pen, more appealing with customization.

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