• Donna LaFrance

3 Occasions a Pen Makes the Perfect Gift

The act of putting pen to paper may have diminished due to digitization, but there is still something hugely satisfying about the weight and feel of a beautifully hand-designed pen.

The distinctiveness of a handcrafted pen is bound to be appreciated by people of all ages and makes for a unique gift. One of the best aspects of pens is their versatility and durability. When you give pens as presents, you have the peace of mind of knowing that your present is not only long lasting but perfectly suits the occasion.

Special occasions call for special gifts, here are 3 events that merit the gifting of an exquisitely crafted pen.


Graduation is a momentous occasion in every person’s life. Whether someone is graduating from high school or college, giving them a unique pen is an ode to their intellect and a sign of support for writing the new chapter of their life.

A pen symbolizes an old world charm that is hard to find in today’s digital world. A classic writing instrument that revives the vintage glamour of a bygone era may just help the young receiver develop a love for the written word.

Secret Santa

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been disappointed by a mindless gift chosen by your secret Santa. Our hands are up!

One of the unique features of a handcrafted pen is their customization. Even the pickiest of people are bound to be touched by a thoughtful present such a pen that has been customized according to their personality and style. Go a step further in establishing yourself as the best gift-giver by getting the name of the receiver engraved on to the pen. Now that’s what we call a thoughtful present.

New Job

Perhaps the best time to give somebody a pen that they are sure to use extensively is when they’re starting a new job. A meaningful present that is customized to their liking will show the receiver that you have put in time and thought into giving a present that they actually need.

Got A Special Occasion Coming Up?

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